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Kala Consulting

Expert advice in facility management, real estate and commercial management

Facility management

Today, building management is a central element of practical facility management. Usually it is organized into a Technical Division, infrastructural planning and measures as well as the commercial handling of real estate and real properties.

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Do you need professional advice for buying or selling a private or commercial property? Comprehenive and professional real estate consultating will help you keep things in perspective in a complex market and successfully deal with real estate projects.

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Commercial management

In an economy becoming more and more globalized and driven by international trade, commercial management will also have a more important role within the supply chain.

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Kala Consulting is your competent partner for the analysis, consulting and planning of you requirements in the areas of facility management, property management and commercial management. We will find the right service provider for you from this product portfolio:

Consulting & service portfolio

Building Cleaning

Building Cleaning

In the modern working world, industrial cleaning consists of a multitude of individual spheres of activity that have to be custom controlled and provided.

Energy Management

Energy Management

With efficient energy management you not only reduce your intermediate to long term budget for additional expenses, you are also becoming actively involved in protecting the environment.

Environmental Management

Environmental Management

With the necessary planning, professional environmental management can also make sense from an economic standpoint.

Property Management

Property Management

In the modern economic world the goal of property management is easing the burden on owners.

Floor Space Management

Floor Space Management

Floor space management serves the purpose of a sustainable and efficient utilization of plots of land, real estate or commercial property.

Property Management

Property Management

Purposefully implemented facility management results in better facility support, because it is also more in line with needs.

Property Search

Property Search

The search for properties - particularly in premium locations - requires a good knowledge of local and regional peculiarities of the market.

Real Estate Marketing

Real Estate Marketing

The active marketing of private or commercial properties preempts vacancies and optimizes investments.

Property Appraisal

Property Appraisal

There are many reasons to have houses, properties and real estate in general appraised.

Your right to innovative consultation.

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Experience in facility management


As a consulting firm we offer you from our network, excellent service based on many years of experience in facility, property and commercial management as well as a highly qualified and motivated team.

Quality in facility management


Quality is our highest priority, not only in the services we offer, but also in all of our business processes. That's why our quality management system is certified in accordance with DIN ISO 9001.


As individual as you and your company

We provided you with individual advice based on what your needs are. Thus we not only guarantee you efficiency, but also effectiveness.


Modern and sustainable

We provide you with advice about the application of modern and environmentally friendly technology. Because facility, property and commercial management can also be improved through modern technology.


Competent consulting for efficient implementation

Comprehensive, in-depth consultation is the basis of all our services. In the process, we note your ideas and wishes, inform you about possible improvements and work with your concepts for efficient implementation.

Why Kala Consulting?

  • Individual consultation according to your needs
  • Network of partner companies throughout Europe
  • Efficient, effective implementation
  • ISO 9001 certified