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Facility Management

Facility Management

Today, building management is a central element of practical facility management. Usually it is organized into a Technical Division, infrastructural planning and measures as well as the commercial handling of real estate and real properties.

Technical building management is concerned with all the necessary measures for getting land, buildings or installations in an operational and functional state and maintaining them. Along with general operational planning and operation, these are tasks having to do with reconstruction, renovation, maintenance and supply of the corresponding facility.

Infrastructural building mangement provides for the smooth organization and transaction of necessary services to the facility. Above all, this includes cleaning, gardening and security services, as well as additional services such as  office service centers, catering and transport fleets can be part of infrastructural building management. 

Finally, the commercial part of building management involves general bookkeeping tasks ranging from inventory management, floor space management all the way to cost accounting and controlling all measures and plans having an impact on the facility.