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Property appraisal

Real estate appraisal

An assessment of value for real estate can be necessary for many reasons. A property appraisal can be necessary or helpful if you want to sell your house, are going through a divorce, dealing with an inheritance or foreclosure auction, but also within the scope of general taxation, accounting or a loan. A professional assessment of value in accordance with market and typical local factors brings clarity and certainty both for sellers and interested parties with regard to the subject matter of real estate contracts. Are you looking for real estate? Then you are well prepared for upcoming price negotiations with a realistic market value from a property appraisal. Are you a real estate seller? Then a professional property appraisal gives you meaningful documentation which, as a rule, is more favorable than classical valuation.

Property appraisal with experience

Within the scope of real estate consulting and appraisal we offer you in-depth inspections and assessments of real estate properties, the determination of value-relevant aspects of properties, the assessment of the state of repair or defects as well as brief expert opinions and valuation reports (market valuation) for all things residential and commercial real estate.