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Infrastructural property Management

Infrastructural property management

Efficient facility management combines all the essential facility services of a piece of property. Only comprehensive concepts guarantee optimized flows and transparent cost structures. Better time management - as well as the resulting improved cost management help you lower your expenses and reduce expenditures expediently. Facility management implemented in targeted manner provides for better facility support, because it is more profesional – whether in office buildings, gastronomy or in rental property. 

Facility management in practice

A central facility manager coordinates all areas of operative facility management for you. Along with guaranteeing smoot and comprehensive facility management, he is also responsible for process optimizations and expansions. 

Operative facility management comprises in addition to pure facility support above all the installation and control of technical services, supervision of existing service contracts (e.g. for building cleaning), implementation of comprehensible quality management, as well as the preparation of maintenance plans. 

Along with ensuring the trouble-free operation of the facility, professional facility management also has to guarantee compliance with legal provisions as well as defined quality standards under the DIN norm.