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Environmental management

Environmental management

Saving long-term resources and protecting the environment – that is the objective of purposeful environmental management. But professional environmental management can also make good economic sense with the appropriate planning, because the funds for the saved resources can now be used elsewhere.

Effective environmental management in practice

The detailed recording of the current established processes and the resources expended in the process is the first step in the documentation necessary for further action. Building on this foundation, new process structures are sought and developed, which substitute or supplement the previous processes. The goal is the use of resources as well as process costs themselves in as many areas as possible as well as lowering them in a sustainable manner. With the appropriate documentation one can also be certified within the scope of environmental management

However, the establishment of suitable environmental management within the scope of a client/service provder relationship  - as is usually the case in the area of facility management - usually requires close cooperation between all involved parties on all levels.