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Maintenance management

Maintenance management

Effective maintenance management offers great savings potential for almost every company, since, based on experience it represents a large cost factor. The interim objective of maintenance management is to increase the operating efficiency of facilities and as a result to save operating costs in the long term. In general, with maintenance management distinguishes between damage-based, time-based and condition-based maintenance. 

Good maintenance management begins with professional organization through suitable planning. Maintenance requirements are systematically determined and documented considering legal provisions and the current state. Factors such as the current value, current condition and existing damages form the basis of professional inventory management.

Maintenance management in practice

Finding a suitable maintenance strategy requires consideration of aspects of building security and device safety in addition to purely economic objectives with the accompanying tasks in cost accounting and controlling. Above all, efficient maintenance management requires consideration of the fact that the tasks necessary for maintenance usually are not routine tasks and that they frequently also take place under unfamiliar circumstances, which increases the general risk of accidents and the possibility of human errors.