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Floor space management

Floor space management

Space is finite – and space is a cost factor. Floor space management serves the purpose of a sustainable and efficient use of property, real estate, residential or commercial space. Strategies for optimized real estate management ensure that existing space, for example office space or sales areas can be better used and thus be used more economically. Efficient floor space management is the prerequisite for increasing space efficiency, which of course has direct impact on the relative utilities or rent. Active floor space management thus directly serves value optimization and performance optimization of real estate and land of all types. However, employees can also benefit from the ergonomic advantages of good floor space management through increased job quality. 

Floor space management in practice

Operative floor space management includes services such as determination and documentation of space, assignment of attributes and their space costs as well as the preparation of land utilization and land occupancy plans. 

In particular, however, we also support you in the recycling of vacant spaces or vacancies as well as in the preparation of modern and economic concepts for use.