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Building cleaning

Building cleaning

Building cleaning is an essential component of facility management in the modern working world – for it is not just a matter of complying with rules and regulations, but also of course providing employees with a clean workplace and showing customers a clean corporate image. In addition, a targeted concept for cleaning real estate premises also contributes to its preservation of or increase in value.

Building cleaning in practice

The profession of building cleaner today is a recognized training profession, combining skills and knowledge from many disciplines. Chemistry, physics and technical expertise require just as much training as environmental protection and materials. In the modern working world, building cleaning consists of a multitude of individual fields of work that must be mastered and offered:

  • basic cleaning
  • glass cleaning
  • exterior cleaning
  • open area cleaning
  • road surface cleaning
  • carpet cleaning
  • and much more... 

Your professional partner for building cleaning

With professional partners we offer high-quality and tailor made packages for the cleaning of your private and commercial real estate. Building cleaning as you need it.