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Energy management

Energy management

Today, energy is one of the largest cost factors in all areas of modern life – in particular in office buildings, factories or food service establishments - but of course also for residential buildings. Energy management aims at an efficient and thus above all sustainable use of the expended energy in residential buildings or industrial premises. Along with compliance with legal provisions, of course usually the main focus is on the reduction of energy costs. However, also the achievement of ecological objectives can be an impetus for modern energy management within the scope of a positive public image.

Effective Energy management in practice

The introduction of high quality energy management rests on 3 pillars:

  • Planning the building technology with respect to energy saving factors, or the renovation of old parts of the building technology that are no longer economical
  • Optimization of the operation of the building technology with respect to energy saving aspects
  • Reduction of purchasing costs for energy, maintenane or other fees

Thus, with efficient energy management you not only are reducing medium to long-term budgets for utilities, but rather are also actively participating in the careful use of nature and its finite resources.