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Property search

Property search

Do you want to purchase or rent offices, store areas, condominiums or other real estate?

Our expert realtors do the research and locate residential or commercial properties in an extensive property search according to your specifications at an attractive price. Our employees and the partner companies we use for the property search are familiar with local and regional specifics of the real estate market that are hard to keep track of for laypersons and people who are unfamiliar with the area. With our expertise and know how, we find the right facilities for you – whether it's a matter of something for your own use in the future or a profitable, long-term investment. 

Property search with strong partners

With their long years of experience in real estate consulting, our consultants assist you in the targeted development of your real estate projects in the German speaking countries. In particular, we help you find the following real estate items:


  • Offices, office space, office buildings
  • Stores, store areas, sales areas, shopping centers, galleries, exhibition spaces, advertising spaces, communications areas
  • Restaurants, bars, canteens, eateries, hotels
  • Condominiums, private housing, rental units
  • Villas, urban villas
  • Houses, multiple family dwellings, apartment buildings, semi-detached houses
  • Warehouses, storehouses, storage areas
  • factories, factory buildings, production halls
  • properties, Bauproperties, Fabrikgelände, Geadvertising spaces