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  • Home | Facility management, real estate, commercial management - successful with strong partners.
  • Facility management | Today, building management is a central element of practical facility management.
    • Technical facility management | Within the scope of technical facility management those tasks having to do with the preservation of facilities or objects are bundled.
      • Energy management | Energy management aims at an efficient and thus above all sustainable use of the expended energy in residential buildings or industrial premises.
      • Maintenance management | Effective maintenance management offers great savings potential for almost every company, since, based on experience it represents a large cost factor.
      • Environmental management | With the appropriate planning, professional environmental management can also make good economic sense, because the funds for the saved resources can now be used elsewhere.
    • Commercial facility management | Within the scope of commercial facility management, all tasks having to do with facility accounting, costing and contract management are bundled.
      • Property Management | Property management is concerned with the complete, commercial planning and support of real estate facilities.
      • Floor space management | Floor space management serves the purpose of a sustainable and efficient use of property, real estate, residential or commercial space.
    • Infrastructural facility management | Within the scope of infrastructural facility management, all tasks having to do with secure and smooth operation of buildings, plants or land are bundled.
  • Real estate management | Real estate management is an essential part of daily life.
    • Real estate consulting | Comprehensive, professional real estate consulting helps you keep track in a complex market and assists you in financing real estate projects.
      • Property search | Our expert realtors do the research and locate residential or commercial properties in an extensive property search according to your specifications at an attractive price.
      • Property marketing | As an owner and seller, we put you in touch with interested parties within the scope of our property marketing.
      • Property appraisal | Property appraisal, assessment of value, expert opinion, estimate, real estate, property
    • Realestate management | Modern, comprehensive real estate management includes legal, commercial, technical and advanced economic aspects.
    • Project development | Project development serves the purpose of the economic safeguarding of real estate projects prior to the actual carrying out of the project.
    • Real estate purchase | Real estate purchase in Germany, Europa and USA.
  • Commercial management | Successful commercial management requires constant controlling and a continuous adjustment to changing conditions.
    • Sales management | Successful sales management requires constant controlling and a continuous adjustment to changing conditions.
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