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Realestate management

Realestate management

Modern, comprehensive real estate management includes legal, commercial, technical and advanced economic aspects. Within the scope of legal real estate management, above all contracts are prepared in the areas of insurance, cleaning, building and supply and their correct execution is monitored. This area involves the verification of time limits and dates and deadlines and the complete dunning process.

Commercial real estate management has to do with nearly all accounting activities - for example the monitoring and collecting of rental income and advertising revenue from real estate facilities as well as the correct accounting and settlement of events covered by insurance and cases of damage to the facility.

Technical real estate management tests facilities at regular intervals for damages or the need for renovation. Safety technology and emergency technology also fall into this category. In cases of damage the technical management is in charge of repairing these damages quickly – in particular also in the event of necessary emergency measures.


The extended scope of the management includes the organization and planning of the vacating of residential or commercial properties as well as the billing. The establishment of a comprehensive information and documentation system for the real estate owners is a matter of course.

Real estate management with experience and strong partners

Within the scope of comprehensive real estate management we are able, with our strong partner companies, to offer you tailor made packages for your facilities at fair conditions and with individual term periods.