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Project development

Project development

In addition to purely entrepreneurial decisions, the preparation and design of larger projects within the real estate branch involves above all the planning of preparatory construction work. Project development serves the purpose of the economic safeguarding of real estate projects prior to the actual carrying out of the project. The decisions made and the measures taken in project development should ensure that projects can be successfully carried out in their predefined qality, cost and time frame, in practice however, project development in the area of real estate is also frequently restricted to the search for suitable properties, construction areas or the preparation of development plans and land-use plans.

Project development according to your specifications

Are you planning real estate projects and the basic questions of location and financing have already been settled? Then we and our experienced partner companies will help you initiate and design the project and assist you in project management and marketing. For the early identification of risks we we prepare the following individual analyses for you in project development and guarantee the success of your project.

  • Production site analysis
  • Market analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Risk analysis
  • Cost analysis
  • Use analysis