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Infrastructural facility management

Infrastructural facility management

Within the scope of infrastructural facility management, all tasks having to do with secure and smooth operation of buildings, plants or land are bundled. The core functions of the relevant facilities should be preserved in the process or, in the optimum case, be further improved. In particular, the administration of all necessary service contracts having to do with the facility is part of infrastructural facility management. 

Infrastructural facility management in practice

An initial requirements analysis provides information about necessary services and processes for smooth operation. This analysis notes the necessary services both quantitatively and qualitatively. The goal of the concept derived from the analysis for infrastructural facility management is, along with smooth and economical operation, above all the preservation of the value of the facility. 

Typical services in the area of infrastrural facility management today are:

  • building cleaning (cleaning service)
  • basic cleaning and special cleaning
  • maintenance cleaning
  • glass and exterior cleaning
  • janitorial service, maintenance service
  • gardening and plant care, landscaping
  • waste disposal service
  • key management und lockout services
  • security service, guard duty, patrol services and property protection
  • conference management, event management and catering
  • fleet management
  • emergency call management and security concepts
  • logistics und relocation management
  • courier service
  • snow-plowing service and special services

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